Deployments / Launch your bot

In the “Deployments” section with the “Publish bot” button, you will be able to launch your bot in the different channels that we propose to you: Web Facebook Telegram   1.  Web In “Web” you can create a URL that directs directly to your bot. The bot will appear in “Landing Page” format and you […]


The agent is the user through whom you publish a chatbot. The default agent, uses the data collected in the user profile with which you signed up. By pressing the orange button “Create agent“, you can create new agents to change the look and information of your bot individually. If you would like to use […]


In sessions we find the different conversations that the bot has had with each user. As soon as the chatbot address is loaded, i.e. the URL, a new session is created. It is not necessary for the user to interact with the bot for the session to be created. By default, we see the first […]